Designer + craftsman Steve Bretson combines backgrounds as a 4th generation Scandinavian furniture designer + maker with over a decade of agency experience as brand strategist, creative advisor and designer of graphics, products, retail environments, interiors and small-scale architecture based in Bozeman, Montana.


I Design unique experiences intO

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In addition to my knowledge-set, I've taken a lifetime's passion racing and wrenching on bicycles to enable an ongoing pet-project in the form of a successful boutique community-focused bicycle shop in Bozeman, Montana.

A curious first-hand step across the conference table into the concerns and struggles of boot-strapped startup entrepreneurs and a conceptual approach to the local bike shop co-existing alongside internet discounts through community and customer focused, (sometimes) disruptive strategies.

Come have a local brew on the house and talk the future of community and business every Friday at 5pm.


Above is a fun short film (1min) I shot and edited entirely on my iPhone on Alter's 4th birthday. It's my first time experimenting with film, so cut me some slack.


I'm very serious about not taking myself seriously, and I try way too hard to illustrate that through a horribly inaccurate, shiny representation of my random daily monotony.


Music has always been an incredibly important component in both my creative process and my life.

Listen to what's likely playing in my studio (unless of course I'm listening to KEXP or The Current).